Advent in Croatia

Info about Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Poreč, Split, Osijek, Croatian cities, as best places in Europe to must be visited during Advent time

The best advent in 2018 in Europe again? Zagreb is voted the best Christmas market in Europe for 2017, 3rd time in a row. Is Santa Claus already there? Your friends will be there, will your face show up? Hurry !

Zagreb Advent 2018 - Is it going to be the best place to visit during Advent 2018 in Europe? 

The best advent in 2018 in Europe Zagreb Croatia

Advent in Zagreb

For three years in a row, Zagreb was named the best Christmas market in the region. Considering the magical atmosphere and the abundance of holiday events, it's a well-deserved title. From the beginning of December to the beginning of January, Zagreb adds to your merry Christmas mood by offering something great to eat, drink and experience each and every day. Here are just a few examples of events you can enjoy as part of Advent in Croatia's capital.

Ice park on King Tomislav Square Zagreb Advent Croatia 01

Ice Park during Advent in Zagreb

The ice skating rink in Zagreb is the biggest and most beautiful of its kind in Croatia, as well as in the region. Located at Tomislav square, this Ice Park is lavishly decorated and lighted, which is why it attracts the attention of locals and tourists alike. Equipment can be hired on the spot, while merry music and food and drink stalls add to the joyful atmosphere in the entire Park.

Live Nativity Scene Zagreb Advent Croatia 01

Live Nativity Scene

During Advent, old Kaptol turns into the stage for the most important event in the history of Christianity – the birth of Christ. Once the Lotrščak bell tolls, actors enter the Nativity scene to become Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wise men, and shepherds. The citizens of Bethlehem are also there, keeping warm in their hearts. This all makes for a Christmas mood that can only be achieved with a Nativity scene.

Advent Express advent zagreb croatia

Advent Express

In Zagreb, you can find the biggest railway model in entire Southeastern Europe. To make it even better, during Advent, it dons its holiday apparel to cheer up both little and grown-up visitors. The so-called Advent Express is one of the most beautiful Christmas treats for kids. The model shows both rails and trains, but also a part of the area of the Sljeme Hill, with all its colorful details.

fooliranje advent zagreb croatia


Fuliranje has become Zagreb's synonym for laid-back hanging out with friends and family during the holiday season. It's a special part of the Advent program, the purpose of which is to mix good music with rich tastes of Christmas food and drinks. It takes place at Strossmayer's Square, where it has seen over two million of visitors so far.

Christmas Card

Recently renovated Grič tunnel has become one of the main Advent attractions. The long tunnel can be entered from Mesnička Street, and it leads all the way to Radićeva Street. The interior is decorated to look like a street from the time of Charles Dickens and his famous Christmas Carol. You'll also find oversized children's toys. To make the atmosphere even better, there are music shows as well.

Advent in the Parks of Zagreb

Zrinjevac, Stross, and Tomislav square are all parks in the very center of Zagreb. As such, they make the effort to look as pretty as possible during holiday seasons. Christmas lights, decorations, and stalls can be found in all of them, and cheerful music can be heard from all directions.

Christmas and New Year's Eve on the Main Square

During Advent, the Jelačić Square gets very beautifully decorated. Around Manduševac you'll find a real Christmas fairytale, which attracts adults and children alike. Besides that, there you can enjoy numerous plays and concerts at Christmas and New Year's Eve. For those who have a sweet tooth for Christmas treats, there's a number of food and drink stalls, including mulled wine and aromatic pastry.

The sound of Christmas bells in Croatia during Adv...
Ice park on King Tomislav Square - Zagreb

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Zagreb - The best European Advent destination

The sound of flower, the scent of cake, wine and varied different delicacies... simply forget everything and revel in of these rattling things! throughout the appearance season, the national capital of Croatia - Zagreb, offers a range of events that may satisfy even the foremost exacting guests.

Many fun, wonderful food, distinctive events, art, however additionally a real Christmas atmosphere wait for you on the streets of Croatia's capital. Do not stay up for Santa sitting by your hearth, meet him within the city!
Ensure you polish your boots before you go as a result of we've got future for you, a variety of pleasant surprises, together with the musical program which can cause you to wish to bounce all night long!