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Advent in Dubrovnik

In 2014, Dubrovnik launched the Winter Festival, a manifestation that lasts from November to March and aims to revive the Croatian city-pearl during the coldest annual season. With regard to the term, the Winter Festival thus includes Christmas or New Year's Events in Dubrovnik, or 'Advent in Dubrovnik'.

Events this year will take place on several locations in the historic core, primarily on the Stradun. The Christmas oasis for children will be in Lapad Bay this year, where you will find a skating rink and a skating rink. For children there is also a 'Medov park in Pile', and from other locations it is worth mentioning also the Park Luja Šoletić in Gruža, which will be applauded and where two garrets with catering offer will be set up.

On the Gundulic River there will be a program called 'Gundulić's Winter Dream', and additional enclosures and decorations will be set up, and a lot of activities will be organized compared to last year.

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