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Info about Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Poreč, Split, Osijek, Croatian cities, as best places in Europe to must be visited during Advent time

Advent Locations in Zagreb 2018

Ice Park on the Kralj Tomislav Square

Between the Art Pavilion and the monument to the first Croatian king Tomislav, on the square that holds the same name, it is impossible not to enjoy the view of the ice fairytale on the spectacular ice rink. The ice park has been the largest and most beautiful ice rink in this part of Europe for several years, it is a great fun for both kids and adults. The Sliding Park is not only great for enjoying the view, but also for skating enriched with the scents and flavors of various gastronomic delights, as well as numerous cultural attractions for children and adults. The ice rink is open every day until 23:00, and on the New Year 's Eve, the market stands will be open until 4:00 am.

Fuliranje on the Strossmayer square

The charismatic event of Fuliranje, is located between Tomislavac and Zrinjevac. Good vibrations with good food and beverage, is what will create a great atmosphere. Perfect outdoor fun at the rhythm of dance music at Strossmayer Square, but also in a closed and warm dome where more than 80 musicians perform along with you. For the children, there is Santa's Christmas house with daily performances, while you will also have the chance to enjoy the atmosphere with your pets, at a pet bistro. Forty best restaurants and bars came to Fuliranje. The working hours is until 23:00 as well,while on the New Year's Eve, the event will be open until 3:00 am. 

Advent on Zrinjevac 

Advent on Zrinjevac is a place where you will once again experience the spirit of Christmas from childhood. If you want to feel the forgotten spirit of Christmas, the smell of grandma's cake, remember the holiday gathering, Zrinjevac is the right place for you! When in the glittering night the huge sycamor trees light up with thousands of shiny lights, and the old music pavilion becomes a paradise for Christmas-class lovers and sentimental Christmas melodies, a special Christmas atmosphere is created in this beautiful Zagreb park. There's no way you wouldn't want to take a stop in this attractive atmosphere, swing in the rhythm of light music, sing some verses and enjoy a relaxed holiday atmosphere. It is our Zrinjevac, a park that delights and relaxes us all year round, and in this advent time of the year it becomes special, enchanting with light, colors and flavors. Are these the houses with the best fritule or germknedls here? See it for yourself! The souvenir and catering houses are open every day until 23:00.

The Polish exhibition "Krakow Nursery" will be held throughout the month of December out in the open in Zrinjevac park. 

Advent in Marić's passage (Marićev prolaz)

The passage that connects Gajeva and Praška Street has been given a new Advent Clothes. It is filled with white branches and lined with thousands of silver lamps, representing a fantastic trip to new Christmas attractions. A perfect place for an attractive selfie with a loved one!

Christmas fairy tale on Ban Jelacic Square

A wealth of gastronomic or souvenir stands, plenty of sounds, but the strongest from the central stage with a lavish music program ... all of us can have fun with the beautiful and carefully designed Christmas decorations on the main Zagreb square. Visitors can also enjoy the sounds of Christmas hits, as well as jazz, funk, rock and pop all-day performances. Enjoy the popular Square and dance in the rhythm of dance music!

The working hours of the catering facilities are until 23:00, and on weekends until 24:00 

Advent at the European SquareEnter heading here...

At the foot of the Zagreb Cathedral, at the very center of town, the pedestrian zone of the European Square has become a favorite youth gathering place offering special "urban charms". Concerts, attractions, exhibitions and a rich offer of European cities make this place an indispensable advent stop of all those who want to have fun. If you are young or you feel young and you prefer urban sound, this is the right place for you!

Advent in the passage of the Baković sisters 

A rich movie program filled with Christmas movies for all ages is waiting for you in Europe cinema, and in a charming little passage that connects Varšavska and Masarykova Street, where you will be able to let yourself go in the old movie studio and indulge yourself in the real movie magic. This is where fantasy turns into reality so you become the main actor on the making of a Christmas movie.

Christmas movies are screened at Europe Cinema every day from 11:00 am, during the entire Advent.

Advent in the tunnel

​At the very center of the city, the Grič tunnel, which is already an attraction of its own due to 350 meters of lenght, will in the advent time change its clothes to two scenographies. First of all, from 1 to 11 December 2018, the tunnel will be the Museum of Reality - the most valuable thing in the world: UNICEF, and from December 14 to January 6 in the tunnel you can enjoy the Winter Garden with the magical world of imaginary castles from the frozen fairytale. Everything will be spiced up with musical concerts and sounds of flutes, violins, guitars, pianos, saxophone ... that will magically fill the interior of the tunnel.

Advent in Old Tkalča 

 The vibrant Tkalčićeva street in the very heart of Zagreb, which appeals withits imaginativity and historical charm, thanks to numerous appealing hotspots in the open and closed, often very original cafe-bars. It became one of the three new locations of the Zagreb Advent this year. Advent Stara Tkača presents traditional old trades and the spirit of the oldest Zagreb neighborhoods Gradec and Kaptol. In a special way you can experience the spirit of the past, go back to history and get to know the forgotten stories and legends of the inhabitants of Tkalčićeva Street. In addition to the many interesting workshops of the Zagreb high schools that also promote old arts and crafts and with the sounds of the Zagreb chanson you will soon feel part of the past of old Zagreb. Everything here is striking and unbelieveable!

Advent at Stross 

 Here in the Upper Town, one of the most romantic places in our city, you will be a part of the magic of the most beautiful advent in the world and see that every corner of this area is thoroughly designed and decorated with taste. Whether you want to stop in the perfect living room with a view of the Lower Town, or, together with Santa Claus, sit in a sled, take a photo by the window with a view, find a place near Matoš or just enjoy the surrounding gastronomic delicacies, depending on your adventurous mood. In any case, in this area, it is very easy to feel the warmth given to us by the dear ones or the music that makes us happy. Advent at Stross is like a small town that has both soul and body. Everyday DJ concerts and performances, art workshops for children in beautifully landscaped space with perfect food and drink offer, the most beautiful view of Zagreb will make an unforgettable experience. This year, the news is an attractive light installation of the "100 Streets on Stross" which will be lit every evening at 18:00. There is also an unavoidable Caffe de Matoš that spoils the charm of the old cafes and the warm atmosphere of street bands, dancers and comedians. Stross spread love and romance even during the Advent!

The working hours of Stross are until 24:00.

Advent at Klović Palace and Gradec Plateau

 If you are a hunter for perfect photo locations that are breathtaking, this is the right place for all the lovers of beautiful selfie backgrounds. On this great city stage from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Gradec plateau as well as the red shades of the city rooftops or the cathedral of Zagreb, which is a year-round wonderful spot, complemented by a series of attractions and a host of increasingly popular photographic frameworks this advent time. If you want to continue enjoying the perfect view, walk further to Strossmayer's promenade that gives you a memorable view of Zagreb, both day and night, giving to you a view of the glittery streets and squares.

This year's spectacular news is that with the help of mobile applications, visitors will be able to follow the magical atmosphere at Gradec plateau, where each day will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure: the Santa Claus landing accompanied by deers from the far North. Furthermore as a part of the atrium program this year, the Christmas movies will be shown at the Advent Cinema.

Advent in Maksimir

Another new Zagreb destination for family entertainment. A lot of color, lots of holiday bliss will attract both the children and the adults. Furthermore, there are fun and educational workshops, evening concerts, installations of the Illusion Museum and the Natural History Museum and many more surprises, all in close proximity and in collaboration with the Zoo. 

A magical Christmas spell in Zagreb once again in ...

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